Moodboard, Wireframe and Website Redesign from the ground up.


Lawter’s site was last visited for a design overhaul in the early 2000’s. A time when web standards were ever evolving. They needed to help differentiate the users by continent and deliver the correct product information accordingly. Lawter’s previous site ran without a content management system. This did not allow the ever changing landscape of products to be updated without contacting an agency. This fix was necessary and overdue.

Creating a content first, visual story that leads Lawter's users to the information they need.


A visual refresh was the most obvious case to consider when approaching this redesign. However, the sheer amount of content created challenges in user experience. Working with the Lawter team we identified navigation solutions to target a user to the demographic area they are looking for. We implemented the google APIĀ for sourcing their locations. My direction was to incorporate the high-quality photography and clean user experience into a usable and highly searchable site.

Developed a visual system with limited brand guidelines to propel the content forward and lead the user through a visual journey.

I have worked with this client through three separate agencies. This was the first shot we had at developing a visual system for their brand. Very pleased with the initial turn out of this site. They were excited to gain access and release this to their clientele. This site made usability a priority, which thankfully was the entire goal of this redesign.

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Website Design & Wireframe